Update 09.09.2022

The Patrick Bateman figure is currently in production, however, it hasn’t gone as smoothly or easily as planned for a number of reasons.

Of course production has been hit quite severely by all the Covid lockdowns. Even now, when the rest of the world has moved on, there are still regional lockdowns in China making factories unable to operate for long periods at a time. Almost every company with production in China has faced problems and it’s the reason why so many projects have been delayed.

Beyond that, however, there are specific issues with this figure that have caused things to progress slower than planned.

The complexity of the ‘uncontrolled madness’ sculpt in particular is a major part of this. The neutral sculpt is a single piece so moulding has not caused any issues.

In order to achieve the desired result for the ‘uncontrolled madness’  sculpt, it has had to be broken down into multiple components which have to be moulded individually.

Without getting too technical, shrinkage occurs on all moulds and the rate of shrinkage is always different on each mould. To make the individual pieces fit together correctly is a process of trial and error.

There is always the option of compromise and to say “this is good enough”. You may have seen figures where this has been done with joints that have not fit perfectly or which have unsightly seams. We have chosen not to do this, but instead to try and deliver the best quality figure that we can. We are confident we are able to achieve this, but that does mean the time to deliver increases.

This combination of issues has caused the figure to fall far behind our intended release schedule and unfortunately we have to announce a further delay to the shipping date.

The expected shipping date for the Patrick Bateman figure will now move to Q1 2023.

We fully understand that for some of you this may not be acceptable and if you have purchased directly and wish to be refunded for this figure then please contact with the details of your order and we will  process this for you (including your NRD).

For those of you who are staying with us, we will be adding some additional accessories as a thank you for your support. These are based on requests from the community and will come free with each figure. These are:

A pair of additional gloved hands to go with the overcoat look.

 A CD case featuring custom artwork for you to pose your figure with.

Here are the new gloves and CD case with a selection of the other accessories.

We want to thank everyone who ordered this figure. For those who prefer not to wait any longer we completely respect your decision and will process your refunds without delay. For those who do keep their orders, we are confident this figure will be well worth the wait!



Update 09.09.2022

Ryu is in the final stages of production and we will have the very first final figure off the production line with us in the coming weeks. We will post an update to show you all the final quality from production for both the figure and the packaging. Shipping will commence within the next 1-2 months and we will contact all direct customers when their item is ready to ship. We also ensure that all retailers have their figures dispatched at a similar time to ensure that all customers have their figure in hand as soon as possible.  

Here are some pictures of the full production, please bear in mind that lighting may not be consistent in the pictures as this is a working environment rather than a photoshoot.

 Headsculpt Painting and production. 

Handsculpt prep

Painted angry headsculpt

Packaging cover

Blisterpack Testing

That’s all for this update. Thank you all for your ongoing support.